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Be a writer

Faking News appreciates original editorial contributions (news reports, cartoons, photoshopped images and/or videos, which are funny and preferably satirical), although we reserve the final right to publish it with ourselves (even though we fake it, I hope you understand that we still have some editorial policies).

So if any contribution is not published, that doesn’t mean there was any problem with your contribution, rather it proves that we have got some real pathetic policies.

And yeah, we will not pay you anything for your contribution (we hope to change that in future). Pagal Patrakar, the Managing Editor of this site, is also a Pagal Parasite.

That was an upfront disclaimer, now the way to contribute:

We would encourage you to join Faking News. This way, you can have your own author page containing all the articles written by you, your Gravatar image, a brief description/quote of yours, and your blog/website address. Of course you can have a pseudonym if you prefer to hide your real identity like Pagal Patrakar.

If that sounds good to you, please join Faking News.

Once you register and activate your membership, you can post articles on our “citizen journalism” website My Faking News or FN 2.0. Posts on “My Faking News” are treated as submissions, and they could be reposted on main Faking News with appropriate modifications.

The criteria for a submitted post on FN 2.0 for being reposted on main Faking News are mix of editorial (read ‘quality’ of the content) and non-editorial ones (such as scheduling, content management, etc.). Since Faking News already has an editorial team, we can’t promise to publish every submission on the mainstream. We don’t trash FN 2.0 submissions, until it’s downright horrible, obscene, promotional, or spam.

If you don’t want to register for some reason (say you are not sure if you are going to write more than once for us), you can still contribute. But your articles will be published under the pseudonym of Guest Patrakar (we know that’s so uncool). Don’t worry, you’d still get the credit the way you desire, but no personalized page for you. Also, your emails may get a very late response, and in the worst case, the submission might not be published due to non-editorial criteria (as listed above). That’s why you are encouraged to register and submit at FN 2.0

Nonetheless, you can email your news reports/ cartoons/ photoshopped images/ videos at editor@fakingnews.com with the subject line containing the keyword ‘submission’ and the title of the news story (we can change the title and perform some minor spelling or grammatical changes in your article, even though our own spellings and grammar suck).

If you are an unregistered user, let us know if you’d like your name /pseudonym and/or contact ID (email or blog link) to be published along with your contribution.