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1 lac people in India cancel their order of smartphones with Snapdragon processor to protest Snapchat CEO's comments

17, Apr 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel’s remark on not expanding the business to “poor countries” like India has not gone down well with Indians. After a lot of people uninstalled Snapdeal yesterday from their phones, now is the turn of smartphones with Snapdragon processor. According to latest data, 1 Lac people in India have cancelled their shipping orders for smartphones with snapdragon processor to show their protest.snapdragon-snapchat

Speigel’s comments have literally united the nation just like the movie ‘Border’ or an Indo-Pak cricket match does. But in the process of protesting, people are not bothered whether their anger is directed towards the right product or not. Snapdeal had to face the brunt yesterday for sharing the first four letters in name with Snapchat. Today people realized that even snapdragon is a product of Snapchat and they started cancelling their orders.

Our Faking News reporter caught up with one such protester named Harneet Ahuja and he had this to say,” I will never use snapdragon phones from now on wards. Even I have asked all my relatives and friends to not use such smartphones. How can someone call our country poor. We have the capacity to buy each and every product in this world. Snapdragon should learn from this mistake and not insult the Indians or one day will come when no Indian will buy their product and when an Indian stops buying a product, the company will surely lose a major chunk of its revenue.”

A new trend was also visible in the rural areas. People who are not aware of the Snapchat app or the ones who have never used it find it easy to protest against snapdragon, because that is the product they relate more to. Snapdragon CEO was seen giving a lot of interviews to clarify that it was Snapchat CEO who insulted Indians and not him. Well, one can surely say from the present data that he has a huge task on his hand to save snapdragon in India.