Monday, 6th April, 2020


12 year old T-shirt sold for 10k on OLX as demand for old T-Shirts picks up with Holi approaching

06, Mar 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Two things are common with Holi. One is the colors, and the other is old T-Shirts. Every household has stacked up old T-Shirts to use them during Holi so that new clothes don’t get spoilt. But this season was record-breaking as a T-Shirt went for 10k on OLX.


The T-shirt was 12 years old and people wanted it so badly that a bidding war started. Finally, a guy named Shwetank Srivastava won the bid and took away the T-Shirt for 10k Rupees. Shwetank never misses playing Holi and has planned everything well in advance. He has some nice old shorts, colors, water balloons, the only thing he did not have was a very old T-Shirt.

As he had to follow the holi ritual at any cost, he did it literally by paying so high for the old T-Shirt. The old T-Shirt market is a hot cake right now and everyone wants a piece of it. Large eCommerce players are already selling old T-Shirts on their platforms. In fact, right now its difficult to get new T-Shirts on online platforms but old T-Shirts are readily available.

The most famous category is the celebrity old T-Shirts where T-Shirts worn by celebrity in some parties some 10 years back are selling at exorbitant prices.