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After 22 states abolish ‘check posts’ post GST, transporters confused as to where should they go to pay bribe

04, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The roll-out of the Goods & Services Tax+ across the country has been smooth with 22 states, including West Bengal and Delhi, abolishing check-posts, adding to the efforts to ensure that the changeover to the new tax regime is hassle-free and least disruptive for businesses and consumers. But this leaves the thousands of transporters across the nation in a state of confusion, as they don’t have any clue about the location where they can pay their bribes.


Check-posts were a major reason for blocking the free flow of goods between states and the source of bribe for the traffic officials. But now with its removal, traffic officials as well as the transporters are left with no venue for bribe collection and donation. Check-Posts were very convenient location where an official used to easily collect his daily share of the transported goods, and even the truck drivers also never argued about it. The Transporters union has requested the government to clarify its stand on bribe collection. They have also conveyed that they cannot go to the traffic official’s home to pay bribe and there should be some mechanism of collecting bribe on the road itself, may be by means of making temporary shelters.

Faking News reporter caught up with Harneet Ahuja, a major transporter in the Mumbai region,” Removal of check-posts is fine, but we have to deal with officials who call us at far-off places to deliver bribes. Should we spend time in reaching that location, or should we focus on doing our business. Its a tricky situation. We have no problem in paying bribe, but at least there should be an alternate process in place to make it a smooth transaction. I request Mr. Arun Jaietly to give us temporary shelters or infrastructure for bribe donation. This will help more and more people like me.”