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25 slaves rescued from an IT company go back to their ruler

06, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. Harassed by single digit salary hike, exploited by their bosses, and beaten by senseless coding – this is the condition from which around 25 IT slaves were rescued two months back by an NGO, but latest reports suggest that nearly all of those freed have now gone back to their former ruler.

The change in status quo apparently didn’t go down too well with the rescued slaves who found their new lives “a little too challenging”.

“I missed the coffee vending machine so much,” said Ankit, a born-again coder who was the first one to return to Mindpowers IT Services Private Limited, setting the cat among the pigeons. Ankit spent around three weeks of what he initially called “freedom” before he realized that it was an “illusion”.

Reuters photograph showing an IT company in Bengaluru
Ankit gets his prized free coffee that he missed during his so-called freedom

“Well, I could get drunk during the weekdays that I missed during my slavery, err… I mean employment,” Ankit said referring to his “free” period, “But then consuming coffee and tea is better for my health than guzzling wine and beer, no? I realized that perhaps Prasanna Sir was not so bad; he cared about me and never allowed me to relax during the weekdays.”

The decision by Ankit to go back to his former ruler P K Prasanna, the Managing Director of Mindpowers IT Services, was initially scoffed at by other fellow slaves who were rescued by an NGO called Free Thyself Worldwide (FTW) that works for development of people who have pledged their freedom and foresight to corporate entities.

“A lot of other freed slaves came to us and hotly debated the decision of Ankit,” Tripti Morparia, the regional director of FTW informed, “Although many of them thought Ankit was being foolish, I could sense some anxiety in them. They felt they were losing some kind of contest. That was exactly the kind of non-ending race from which we had rescued them.”

But other slaves, who eventually followed Ankit’s footsteps and returned to Mindpowers, reject any peer pressure or anxiety being the reason behind their decision.

“I was anyway sitting at home and spending all the time in front of my laptop surfing internet. I thought I might as well do that while being in an air-conditioned room,” Tamas Talukdar justified his decision of returning to a job that he used to hate so much.

“And I can get those print outs of my railway tickets so easily now,” Tamas enumerated the treasured benefits of an IT job and criticized the likes of FTW for confusing happily employed professionals with red pills.