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3 days before doomsday, IT professional quits job to live life

19, Dec 2012 By ControlZ

Bangalore. The hype around the world ending on 21st December took a new turn today, when an IT professional quit his job to enjoy his, supposedly, last few days on the planet.

The software engineer, Ranganathan Swamy, quit his job citing reasons that the world might end in 3 days, and he still hadn’t lived even 10 percent of his life.

IT office
Such has been the “world” of many IT professionals

Swamy, in an exclusive interview with Faking News, said, “I have been working continuously for 8 years. The first 3 years, I didn’t realize how time went by, as I was engrossed in appearing for all the MBA entrance exams. But then, things didn’t work out, and I realized that I was still there from where I started off.”

He continued, wiping his tears, “While in my engineering college, I thought I’d make a girlfriend once I start earning. Then I thought I’d do that in my MBA college, and that was one of the driving force for studying, but then things didn’t work out, and today, here I am, single, and maybe dead in 3 days.”

When asked what he was planning to do in these 3 days that he hasn’t done yet in his lifetime, Swamy said, “Well, firstly, I’ve lost touch with the outside world. I haven’t even changed my Facebook DP since ages. I’m planning to change that today itself.”

He paused to give different poses while holding his camera in front of the mirror before adding, “After that, I’m planning to look for girlfriends online. It would be difficult for me, but hey! i’ve finished quite a lot of tasks before the deadlines. This shouldn’t be that difficult, right?”

Swamy denied planning any vacation for these 3 days. “You see, I’ve just applied for resignation, and I can’t take a leave from work now. So, I have to live life outside my working hours itself,” he clarified.

When asked, what if the World didn’t end on 21st December, he said, “See! I’m on a notice period of 3 months. So, even if the world doesn’t end after 3 days, I can always take my resignation back. You see, people have taken back their resignations when they’ve been offered better things. May be, I’ll ask for a vacation, at least.”