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3-year old clicks random buy, sell buttons on share-trading app, makes crores amid falling markets

24, Aug 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In a series of strange events Animesh Kakodkar a.k.a. Chintu, 3 year old son of Ajitesh Kakodkar a share-market broker, made 2.3 crore rupees in 7 minutes using his father’s mobile phone.

3 year old Chintu is already a stock market expert
3 year old Chintu is already a stock market expert

This apparently happened when Ajitesh who was feeling giddy due to the falling share market, left his phone near his kid Chintu and went for another bathroom break. Chintu not only successfully unlocked the phone but also accessed and played with the share-trading app, to make crores.

What’s more shocking was that during this period Chintu even placed a phone call to another broking company and had them sell his father’s shares which tanked in next few minutes saving him few more lakhs, each rupee of which could have been eroded otherwise.

Chintu’s father Animesh spoke to our reporter and said, “I am not very shocked that my kid did this. Random buying and selling has often made people millionaires. Although it’s serendipitous that he clicked random buttons on my phone app and he somehow sold all my tanking shares and instead invested in some reverse-market bonds and gold-based securities which later made crores. Which makes me think why did I not think about doing all this in first place?”

“What was actually shocking was that by mistake he also clicked the call button and called another trading company I have a Demat account with, and uttered some blabbering words. I don’t know what the operator on the other end understood, but s/he immediately sold all my shares on that account, just before they went red. A few more lakhs were saved because of this. I must thank God for this, but after all beta kiska hai?” a beaming Animesh offered another packet of toffees to Chintu.

This is not the first in series of events when random buying and selling has rained in gold for people. During the last year’s big market fall a teenage girl under influence of some “medicines” used a share-trading app to make 1.6 crores for her boyfriend. On a “high” she thought she was playing some mobile phone game and just clicked random buy, sell buttons.