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3 year old property dealer found in Haryana

29, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

Gurgaon. In a shocking find, Faking News discovered a 3 year old boy dealing in properties in Haryana.

Jaydaad Dahiya is considered one of the most renowned agents in the state who has made a name for himself in a very short span of time.

“He sits daily in his office with a staff of 5 people and sells properties faster than he can count till 10,” disclosed Jaydaad’s 25 year old personal secretary.

File pic of Jaydaad when he set up his office 2 years back.
File pic of Jaydaad when he set up his office 2 years back.

If sources are to be believed, Jaydaad began his dealings even before he was born. He reportedly sold even a part of his mother’s womb while he was inside her.

“We were doing sonography when we saw him demarcating boundaries inside the uterus,” confirmed the gynaecologist, who was operating Jaydaad’s mother, “We were shell shocked.”

“When he came out, like all new borns, he was crying. We kept him on a news paper and tried various things to pacify him. However he kept crying,” the gynaecologist recalled the events of his birth.

“It was later we realized he was crying because he wanted us to keep him on the Times Property section of the newspaper,” the doctor further revealed.

While the discovery certainly shocked Faking News and its reporters, it was just another dealer for locals.

“It’s pretty normal out here. We Haryanvis are born property dealers. People could be doing any job but at heart they are always property dealers. In fact we have more agents out here than probably the number of properties,” said a local.

Haryana ki hawa mein ki kuch aisa hai jo achhe acchon ko property mein involve kar deta hai. Look at Robert Vadra ji,” the local pointed.

Experts claim that Haryana is probably the only place in India where parents don’t want their children to become engineer or doctor.

“Here they want them to become a property baron,” explained an expert.

Meanwhile in a related finding, Faking News also discovered a 3 year old Roadies aspirant in Chandigarh.