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4% of Indians who pay income tax demand minority status and appeasement

08, May 2016 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: Recent news reports showing that only 4% of Indians pay income tax has triggered another reservation debate in the country. Various people have appealed government to declare income tax payers as minority group and protect them.

If you know this department, you deserve reservation.
If you know this department, you deserve reservation.

Mr. Chavanni Lal, the Chairman of PAN user Group (ChimPanG) demanded, “Since tax payers constitute only 4% of population, they should be accorded with minority status and given preferences in government programs, schemes etc. Once we are officially a minority, next logical step will be that governments will start minority appeasement as they have been doing to other minority groups. Good days are ahead.”

Most of the political parties have decided to play wait and watch game on this issue, as they are yet to find out which religion or caste dominates this newly formed minority group. Moreover, since this group mainly consists of people who prefer to go to work rather than showing up for political rallies, demonstrations or agitations, it is unlikely that the cause will be taken up by any party soon.

On the condition of anonymity, leader from a political party told us, “4% of 125 Cr is a big number. But how many of them vote? I cannot piss off 20-25% voters in order to please less than 4% voters. This equation is mathematically not viable.”

Not deterred by lack of political support, income tax payers sought help from an NGO – ‘PIIDIT’ (Protests, Intellectual Intimidation, Dharna, Ink-attacks & other Techniques) which specializes in organizing protests, agitations, stone pelting and ink attacks. It was promptly decided that next morning they will block railway tracks followed by burning of public property to put pressure on the government.

However, the planned protest fizzled out after only 10% of the people who confirmed their participation reached the venue of agitation. Most of them could not get a leave from their offices. Some of them had no earned leaves left and were not shrewd enough to bunk offices. Those who managed to get a leave, decided to finish pending household works in first half and could reach venue only after lunch. By that time police had already arrested their leaders.

CEO of PIIDIT, Kunthit Kumar was frustrated at the appalling behavior of so called honest tax payers. He told Shaitaan Khopdi™, “How can I help them if they are not even willing to torch few buses and shops? We are professionals, we won’t take law in our hands and get caught. Such things are done by mobs. If you guys worry so much about public property then why waste our time? We are an NGO. We also have to show profits. Koi samaajseva karne nahi baithe hain yaha pe.

(Note – Idea for this article came from a Tweet by Mamta Nigam.)