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4 star hotel giving 90% discount found to be costlier than a 5 star hotel charging full rates

28, May 2017 By RT

Bangalore. A 4 star hotel giving 90% discount is reportedly costlier than a 5 star hotel charging full rates, it is learnt by Faking News. The advertised daily rate for a standard room, quoted in their website after the 90% discount is Rs.6500 plus taxes, taking the rate up to Rs. 8000. The full rate at a 5 star property for a similar room is only Rs.7000 inclusive of taxes, in the city.


“The customers worldwide, and now in India, would like to buy anything if it is in Sale. The more the percentage the better are the results. Our hotel rooms are of 2 star quality and the only way we can attract guests is by discount sale. By doing this, we manage better returns than a 5 star hotel selling rooms at regular prices”, the manager of one of the Unfortune hotels told candidly to Faking News.

“I am so lucky to get a hotel room at 90% off, when the flash sale was still available. I had to pay only Rs.999 service charges for availing the flash sale and for the stay at the heavily discounted room, I can pay directly at the hotel. I agree that a few things like shower and a.c. not available or working properly. But, hey! all is well in a 90% off sale”, a beaming customer Mr. Koopaan told Faking News.

“I am appalled by the behaviour of the customers in India. A shoe worth of Rs. 1000, is advertised for Rs. 10000 with 80% off and sold for Rs. 2000. People buy it in bulk. This hotel Unfortune, I will not send my enemy to stay there. They beat us in profits by declaring a sale? We now are seriously considering doing the same and hired some ex-via employees to do the programme for us”, a visibly angry manager of the 5 star hotel told Faking News.

Faking News reporter has now sought after approval from the Finance to stay at both the hotels, to cover the story in all aspects with a personal touch and experience.