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4G girl downloads entire IIN's syllabus in 20 seconds, creates history

15, Nov 2015 By DexterSpeaks

Mumbai. The famous 4G girl, who has won various download face-offs in the country by competing with random people with poor network quality, recently added another win to her kitty.

The ad video, which features 4G girl with red sim card, red polka dot top and a wig, openly challenged Clueless Kumar aka No-Idea Kumar for a download challenge. The challenge was to download entire IIN syllabus under a minute. 4G girl came out winning by downloading it in 20 seconds.

Airtel ad girl
She had done it!

IIN, which was seen as a serious threat to IIT’s, IIM’s and other premier institutes, had disrupted Indian education market 8 months ago. But due to lack of good connectivity and disastrous performance of IIN students, the initiative started dwindling in revenues and reputation.

With this new 4G revolution, prospective IIN students are hoping to learn a variety of new things, such as kitchen gardening with medicine and aeronautical engineering with cooking. This means Airtel could end up helping Idea through their advertising.

But away from this corporate rivalry, the 4G girl was excited after winning another face-off. “It was amazing to see No-Idea Kumar go down and bite the dust,” she said, confirming that downloading random things had become the only motive of her life now.

When this Faking News reporter asked if she would like to add more skill-sets and life goals to her existence, she became thoughtful and finally answered in affirmative. She then announced that she will enroll in a few courses offered by IIN to learn more about downloading and piracy.

“I want to pursue a PhD in fast downloading,” she said, after which our reporter gave up. We the tried to get a comment from Mr. Kumar but he was too devastated after the loss and denied any response.

While the 4G girl is all set to become a student at IIN, the business honchos at Idea are seriously concerned about the issue. “Everyone was talking about IIN till this 4G girl became talk of the TV town. This girl could be a spy sent to IIN by Airtel,” said an Idea executive on conditions of anonymity.