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Able to buy multiplex tickets on weekends, man convinced he belongs to upper economic class

04, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A 29 year old investment banker, Sudhir Jhaveri, residing in Walkeshwar Road, was today finally convinced that he indeed belongs to upper economic class after he was able to afford 4 multiplex tickets for him and his family during weekends.

“It was quite shocking. I mean the moment I heard ticket window attendant say ‘Sir it would be only Rs 2400 for you, I didn’t even think for a second whether I should go ahead or not. Instead I reached out to my pocket, flashed my American Express platinum card and paid,” Jhaveri told Faking News.

“And not just that, I was able to afford 2 medium sized popcorns and a cold drink too during interval. I really have made it large,” he screamed with joy.

Sudhir, who earns in excess of 20 lpa and owns a 2 bhk flat in South Mumbai would so far not consider himself as one from higher class and would envy those who were able to watch movies during weekends.

Middle class people taking time to decide whether they should but or not.
Middle class people taking time to decide whether they should but or not.

“I would try to avoid logging on to Facebook during weekends as that would mean watching status updates of colleagues  watching movies at Multiplexes and getting heartburn,” he revealed.

“In peer pressure, I too once checked in at IMAX Adlabs, when in reality I was at home watching Kumkum Bhagya with wife,” he admitted.

But having finally made to the top echelon of the society, Sudhir further went down the memory lane when he was nobody.

“It has taken me lot of struggle to reach here. I still remember those days when I would watch movies in single screen theaters that too in lower stalls, sitting next to some guthka chewing rickshaw walas,” he recalled.

“Gradually I moved to watching films in balconies of those halls, having a vada pav during interval,” he went on to recall, “And then to watching films in early morning slots in Multiplexes during Tuesdays.”

“So the journey has been quite amazing from a struggler to senior struggler and finally an upper class folk,” he added.

“I think being able to afford Multiplex tickets during weekends in the ultimate measure of one’s richness and my greatest achievement so far,” he concluded as he updated his CV.