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After colored and flavored, scientists come up with sugar-free condoms

02, Sep 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Motivated purely by their desire to control burgeoning population, scientists at Research and Development department of a leading contraceptive manufacturing company have come up with the idea of sugar-free condoms.

“Earlier we had come up with colored condoms and flavored condoms. They helped us reach painters and foodies respectively. But we need to reach out to more segments, and this time we are targeting fitness freaks,” Masti Mehta, a leading researcher with the company told Faking News.

Condom Ad
A similar picture will be used to spread the universal message of population control

Mehta claims that the sugar-free condoms will help couples have a healthy and safe sex life.

“Our market survey showed that people were more concerned about putting on weight than contacting any sexually transmitted disease, and that’s when we thought of a sugar-free product,” Mehta revealed.

“The question of population growth was not at all on their mind, but it’s on our mind,” Mehta claimed and rejected allegations that it was just a marketing gimmick to sell more condoms.

The first sugar-free condom comes in red color and has a chocolate flavor.

“Many see red in chocolates as it could make them fat. But not anymore!” Mehta explained why “sugar-free” was a much needed adjective add-on over “colored” and “flavored”.

Sources say that scientists are conducting controlled experiments to come up with further products on similar lines, which can impress a wider set of consumers.

“Designer condoms and co-branded condoms are some thoughts that we are working upon,” Mehta confirmed.

“Designer condoms i.e. a condom with heart shaped bubbles on them, and co-branded condoms such as Maggi condoms for those who don’t last beyond 2 minutes,” the scientist explained.

“Another idea is to come up with skin tone lightening condom i.e. a contraceptive doubling up as a fairness cream. This could appeal to a wide range of Indians,” a source claimed though Masti Mehta refused to confirm if experiments were going on to develop such a product.