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After giving up LPG subsidy, no-subsidy man goes a step further, asks his employer to charge for washroom usage at office

13, Jul 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: According to close friends of Prakash, who is working in a senior position in the HR department of a reputed IT company is a changed man now days. He hates the word subsidy after listening to PM’s speech to give up LPG subsidy repeatedly on TV and Radio.

PM  Modi's call to give up LPG subsidy has inspired some to go even further.
PM Modi’s call to give up LPG subsidy has inspired some to go even further.

Faking news met Prakash and started by asking “Why now, why not earlier?” Mr. Prakash explained while sitting inside his diesel SUV, “Being a correspondence MBA graduate, I know what the meaning of subsidy is and how it is hitting our country’s progress. However first time I saw a Prime Minister who was able to communicate properly like the case here, if I give up LPG subsidy then some poor person will get it. Now my subsidized gas connection is in my cook’s name. I have told my cook as you are using the same gas for so many years, you can still use it when you cook for my family.”

Mr. Prakash added, “Being a senior person in my company, I was thinking of ways we can cut subsidy in our company. Over the years we have added vehicle parking cost, subsidized lunch amount, health insurance cost to the CTC of the employees. Though employees take home has not increased in last 4 years, but we are able to show them the hike by issuing revised salary structure which captures these subsidized items as part of their CTC.”

“This year like most of the recent years as my management told me is a challenging year, due to down turn in market we cannot give any hike. Management has asked me to find some more items for which we might have missed and still giving subsidy. Unfortunately not much scope is there in my company. Last year we removed tea vending machines as there are enough chai-sutta vendors outside to take care of this need. Even on biscuits front, few years back we replaced Good Day with Parle G Glucose biscuits whose minimal cost was anyway added as part of last year’s revised CTC.”

Mr. Prakash was losing hope day by day; suddenly one idea struck him when he saw the movie Piku. We all happily use washroom in office, no one cares how much company spends in maintaining these washrooms like that of five star hotels. I was confident about our employees who will happily forego this subsidy as they also hate subsidy. I have seen their reaction in social media; they were quite vocal when they came to know our parliamentarians are eating everything at subsidized cost inside parliament canteen.”

Mr. Prakash has proposed using washroom is a basic need, we should allow one free pass; beyond this we should charge as per the usage. Faking news raised a concern, “If cost sensitive Indian middle class will use the free space outside office, what will happen to PM’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?” Mr. Prakash told us he is confident that his employees will not fall to this level; moreover they respect Modiji & his words.