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After Nano, Tata all set to launch Nana – the people's helicopter

21, Dec 2009 By Rohit Dinkar

Mumbai. Now each one can fly. No, that’s not a new slogan from some plane ticket booking website, but a promise by the reputed Tata Group, which has announced their latest plans to launch Nana – the people’s helicopter. Nana will cost around 10 Lakh rupees and will be specially manufactured for the Indian middle class that desires to have safer and quicker means of transport at an affordable cost.

“As a young boy, Ratan Tata had dreamt that every Indian family should have their own helicopter; Nana is realization of the same.” said a Tata spokesperson, adding, “There were critics who had claimed that our lakh-rupees car Nano would populate the road and add to traffic jams. But now, powered with Nana, people can simply ignore the road traffic.”

Interestingly, Nana can be used both on land and in air, making it the most versatile vehicle available to the common masses till now. It will have a seating capacity of four persons and a top speed of 250 Kms/hr. Nana will be launched in December 2012 with Bollywood actor Nana Patekar as brand ambassador.

An always excited Nana Patekar has even suggested a new slogan for this launch – “Ek helicopter aadmi ko parinda bana sakta hai” (A helicopter can make a bird out of a man).

With such a grand project in sight, political parties have started wooing the Tata Group to set up manufacturing plants in their respective constituencies. They also expect Nana to be equipped with latest security and landing measures so that political leaders don’t land in controversies while flying for political campaigns.

The support for Tata Group among the political class can be gauged from the fact that this time around, even Mamta Banerjee has shown full support to their project. She has in fact started a hunger strike demanding a Nana manufacturing plant in Singur, a complete turnaround from her earlier stand over Nano.

Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata has refused to comment on her demands, but he assured the political class that Nana would be safer than their current helicopters and equipped with modern technologies like a PSPO rotor fans. Tata have contacted Orient PSPO (pyara sa pankha orient ka) for a partnership.

Common people had mixed reaction to the news with kids wondering if their kite flying sessions would be cut short drastically after Nana starts flying in the air, while the adults wondered if the price of Nana would still be 10 Lakhs rupees when it finally comes after production in December 2012. Nonetheless many families were happy to see themselves flying with their dear ones three years from now.

Nana, Didi, and Dreams
Nana, Didi, and Dreams