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After office relocates near his home, techie quits job to not miss his favorite nap inside office cab

09, Mar 2015 By dasu

Bengaluru. Techie Avishwaas Manjunath always wanted to work for an IT company in Bengaluru which provides good cab service. He was always nostalgic about his childhood experience of traveling by school van, later college bus. Traveling by bus brought him lot of inner peace and slowly he started enjoying naps.

During college days, his sleep pattern was getting disturbed as the bus used to stop frequently to pick up other students. On top of this, his friends used to have agitated discussion on everything starting from Rakhi Sawant dance moves to Kapil Sibal’s zero loss argument on 2G scam, which never allowed him to settle down peacefully in his sleep.

Mobile bedroom

Once he got his dream job in an IT company located at Whitefield, which is 35 km from his home, he started enjoying his time inside the cab. Unlike college days, inside air-conditioned office cab he got a nice window seat with designer curtains to protect him from sunlight.

When he started his career, he went by his father’s advice who always wanted him to utilize his free time in a productive manner. To start with, inside the cab, he started reading newspapers like Times of India. Soon he got bored as there was hardly any news to read.

Then he moved towards watching movies. With slow moving traffic, even Ashutosh Gowariker movies used to get over halfway through his journey to office.

Soon he realized taking a nap inside the cab is the best way to kill the time.

Adding to his happiness, being a cab friendly IT company his employer allowed him to enter his journey time in timesheet which took care of the mandatory working hours needed for his US based client.

Initially it was taking two hours for him to reach office. Thanks to growing traffic issues in Bengaluru, now a days he gets minimum of four hours of sleep in one way to the office.

Parents and relatives were feeling proud about his commitment as he was spending twelve hours for office work everyday. Parents started giving example of their hardworking son to others.

Like every good or bad thing has an expiry date, his dream run got over when he received an email about office relocation to a new place which happens to be at a walkable distance from his home. He pleaded before HR and his manager to give him ‘another’ chance in life by sending him to some other office which are in the outskirts of the city.

As no one listened to him, unlike Manmohan Singh, he resigned and applied for a new job. On job portals, he has blocked companies which are close to his home from accessing his CV.