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After pathetic annual appraisal, Boss once again convinces employee that he is not underpaid

25, Jul 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A 28 year old employee working in a media company was today once again successfully convinced by his boss and the company that he wasn’t not being paid less than what he deserved.

Vicky Narang, who is working in his organization for over 2 years now, and is massively underpaid by industry standards, had been getting peanuts in the name of annual appraisal year on year.

But thanks to one on one session with boss every year after appraisal, he was left convinced that how he wasn’t underpaid and how it could have been even worse.

Vicky's pose with his boss every year.
Vicky’s pose with his boss every year.

However Vicky was hopeful and confident that this year he would not fall under any such trap like all previous years and would adamantly put forth his case.

But this year too Vicky stormed into his boss’ office and came out fully satisfied about his salary.

“It’s strange! Every time I get this feeling of not being paid enough, I meet my boss and some guys from HR team and come out feeling overpaid as if I am Dinesh Karthik of RCB,” Vicky told Faking News.

“I mean so convinced I was by my Boss’s explanation this time that I decided to give 2% of my salary to him,” he added.

His boss however feels that for being able to convince Vicky every single time, he deserved the salary given to HR manager of the company as well.

“It’s a tough ask. Many a times I have to appear even sadder than my subordinate over their situation. I even have to mug up some corporate HR jargons and salaries of some other underpaid people to convince them,” the boss revealed.

“Not just this, I even have to lie about my own salary hike percentage, which is actually pretty decent every time,” he went on to disclose, “I remember last year I claimed that I got 10% deduction to convince Vicky and others how their salary hike was in fact better and justified.”