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After TCS says it will hire close to a lac next year, engineering colleges warn the IT giant not to touch its office boys

30, Apr 2016 By dasu

Bangalore. After Tadu Consulting Services limited announced that it will hire close to a lac engineers next year, the engineering colleges across India are worried how to survive this hiring tsunami which will hit them any time post summer vacation.

Won't let them take my office boys
Won’t let them take my office boys

Training and placement department head of a private engineering college, Mr. Virus (name changed on request) said, “Every year TCS will demand they must be the first to be called for on-campus interviews. We had to oblige them as traditionally they have taken the maximum from our college.”

Virus sir said, “Earlier I have seen one or two office boys missing after campus interview for the IT bellwether is over. I would be anxious to know where they are going and more often than not I would struggle to find suitable replacements. Last year on-campus was kind of eye opener for me. We lost five of our brilliant office boys. Luckily I caught one red handed to know the truth.”

“When IT professionals holding prestigious degrees like PMP, Scrum Master, Agile Project manager etc. are on interview board, accordingly I have to prepare my office boys who will serve them. I would instruct them to be on formals with leather shoes and tie. This kind immaculate dressing sense might have confused some who were taking interviews,” said Mr. Virus.

Mr. Virus told, “The other day I met my office boy Sanath whom I caught red handed to know how he got the job.” He said, “Sir, the panel started with the toughest set of questions like what’s your name, what are you hobbies. Then they moved towards slightly easier questions like whether you have passport and the last question was, what attracts you to TCS? May be I exceeded their expectation and got the offer”.

Mr. Virus said, “I have learnt my lessons well. This year onwards I have told my office boys to wear khaki dress like the way government office peons will do. Also we have written on their shirt, office boy. In addition to this I have told the IT giant, please let me know in advance how many you need from my college. I will arrange that many proper engineers and keep them ready for your service. Office boys are useful for us, you should not touch them. If you have problem with that, don’t come. We will give chance to Outfosys first.”