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Ahead of "bovine flood", Spain outsources bullfighting to the Jat community

28, Sep 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Madrid, Spain. Even as US President Barack Obama is trying to block outsourcing to India, India got a major shot in the arm when the Kingdom of Spain announced its intentions to outsource bullfighting to the Jat community in India. The step has been announced at a time when the community leaders have decided to “flood” Delhi with their cattle on the opening day of the Commonwealth Games.

“Bullfighting is one of the major industries of Spain and currently it’s going through some rough phase due to legal problems,” Spanish finance minister Elena Salgado Méndez informed, “We can put horns of the bulls on fire, thank god, but unfortunately some forms of bullfighting are now banned in some areas. We thought we could outsource them.”

In the proposed scheme of things, Spain has offered to transport its bulls to New Delhi so that the Jat community doesn’t have to bother about bringing their bovine-stock to the national capital. Spanish bulls are also believed to be accustomed to seeing overcrowded areas and traffic jams, which might otherwise prove frightful for the rural cows and bulls of Haryana and Punjab.

This could be witnessed in the streets of Delhi this Sunday

“Once our bulls are there, the Jat community can indulge in bloody fights with them,” the Spanish minister further informed about the outsourcing proposal, “It will cause considerable trouble to the Delhi residents and the administration and would also attract internal media coverage; something that the Jat community leaders are looking for.”

It’s not yet known how Spain would benefit from this arrangement, but it’s believed that the country might try to sell television broadcast rights of the Jat-bullfighting event or could try to “brand” the bulls before transporting them to India e.g. Red Bull energy drink could become one of the advertisers on the rampaging bulls in Delhi roads.

There are also rumors that the Spanish King Juan Carlos I is trying to convince British Queen Elizabeth II to include Jat-bullfighting as a Commonwealth Games event.

Back in India, Boochar Tau, a popular Jat community leader, has welcomed the Spanish proposal and has expressed confidence that the roads of Delhi would be full of bulls on 3rd October and the central government would be forced to give OBC status to the Jats.