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Airlines announces 50% cashback for tickets bought for year 2030

03, Feb 2018 By RT

New Delhi. Low cost Indian Airlines, Air Spice, has announced 50% cashback for tickets bought for the year 2030. The travellers will have to pay the ticket price in full before the Valentine’s day offer ends on 14th of February, the promotion has been advertised heavily on all the leading newspapers and the TV channels.

“The offer suitably named as ‘Love is in the Air’, ends on the Valentine’s day. But don’t worry! It will be extended again for the April fool’s day and again for the May day. The same will be renamed as ‘Freedom Sale’ and will be extended till August 15th. These offers will never end. Just that the customers should not feel bad when the advertisement says to hurry as only few seats are left,” an Airlines official talked about the scheme.

“How can one plan a trip during 2030, in the month of February 2018?’ you may ask. We all believe the announcement of political parties about 2022 and 2025 and 2029. If they can plan how to spend our money a decade after now, why can’t I plan my travel for 2030 now itself, that too in such low prices? I have already planned for how to spend the 50% cashback and talking to my grandchildren for their travel needs in 2050,” an elderly seldom player told Faking News.

“Cashback is the latest marketing trick by many businesses in the country. They never give the cash back. It is their cash really because it has to be spent on their business only. A few companies cheat even more by giving a rs.2000 cashback and allowing the customers to spend only rs.200 at a time during a transaction. It’s all a big scam,” an online shopaholic told Faking News.

Meanwhile, the grounded Kingfisher airlines is planning to announce discounted tickets to travel in the next century, it is learnt by Faking News.