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Airlines to offer Wait-List and RAC tickets, will allow passengers to fly without confirmed tickets

11, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. After slashing airfares to attract customers, airlines have now decided to help everyone fly by offering them wait-listed and RAC tickets, just like the Indian Railways. In fact, they are going a step ahead of the railways and are willing to allow passengers with wait-listed tickets to board the plane and reach their destination.

The move to accommodate more and more passengers is also being seen as a way to compensate the dip in profit resulting from selling tickets at cheaper rates.

Sign of things to come.

While passengers with Wait-Listed tickets will be allowed to stand in the aisle or sit on the floor, people with RAC tickets will have the luxury of sharing a seat with another passenger with an RAC ticket.

“They can either sit in shifts, or if they want, they can sit over each other,” quipped Kavish Kapoor, a senior executive of a leading airline, “We are offering full flexibility as we really care for passengers.”

On being asked about the movement of air hostesses inside the plane, Mr. Kapoor revealed that they have hired vendors who sell tea in trains’ sleeper class to train the air hostesses.

Sources tell Faking News that to adjust more and more passengers, the companies are mulling over a plan to attach an extra hanging box to planes, just like Railways attach an extra coach some times.

“We have taken care of security concerns. We will put passengers inside the hanging box along with huge amount of cotton, which will stop people from hitting each other. Cotton stuffing will ensure safe delivery of the parcel items, I mean passengers,” explained visionary MD of Adventure Air, an upcoming airline.

As per aviation industry insiders, plan of converting cabin boxes over seats into sleeping compartments is also in the pipeline.

“Idea is to utilize every inch of the plane. Don’t be surprised if in future they even start selling tickets of plane washroom,” disclosed an insider.

“All these train ideas converted into plane ideas are good, just hope that the ticket booking process is not inspired from IRCTC,” a passenger said welcoming the development.