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Airtel CEO switches to Vodafone after getting 50 calls from Airtel Care every day

24, Dec 2017 By itsmihir1993

Bharti Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal ported his Airtel number to Vodafone after getting tired of the unending streak of promotional calls from Airtel Customer Care. A frustrated Vittal did not only change his phone number but also announced that he is considering to quit Airtel.


In his statement, Vittal disclosed that he received close to 50 phone calls every day from Airtel Care for promotional offers and schemes. He also revealed that despite informing the executives that he is the CEO, they just wouldn’t hang up. “They would explain me one or the other scheme despite my unwillingness to listen to them. After telling them that I am the Bharti Airtel CEO, they would tell me about postpaid plans specifically made for CEOs. I had just had enough,” he said.

Several Airtel customers have ported their numbers to Vodafone for similar reasons. “I used to receive calls from Airtel Customer Care during odd hours—when I was either asleep or working. One day, I received a call when I went to the Airtel Store to get my number ported,” said a customer who ported his number to Vodafone after Airtel invaded his privacy.

Another Airtel customer, who ported to Vodafone, complained that he still gets calls from Airtel Care. “They used to call me asking me to port to Airtel. When I refused, they would threaten me with more postpaid plans,” said a user. Frustrated, he also threw away his phone. “It feels much better now. I have scored a moral victory over Airtel by throwing away my phone,” he said.

Meanwhile, the new Airtel CEO has planned to not get himself a phone. During an exclusive interview, he said, “I heard what happened to the previous CEO. Anyway, are you aware of our postpaid plans? Lemme tell you the benefits…”