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Airtel to charge for slangs uttered over phone to support Swachchh Bharat

03, Jan 2015 By johnrj

New Delhi. Although Airtel dropped their plans to charge extra money for VoIP usage, it have come with a similar plan now. The mobile service provider will be charging extra from customers who utter slangs over phone. The latest decision has got nothing to do with “Net Neutrality”, but has been done to provide their support to Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan, the company claims.

“We have come up with a complicated algorithm known as the ‘Express your Slang’ plan which will identify slangs spoken by a customer over phone,” said an Airtel representative, “This plan is mandatorily activated for every customer and the worse the slangs, the more money he/she has to pay for it. This is our contribution to Swachchh Bharat.”

Airtel Headquarters in Gurgaon
Airtel Headquarters in Gurgaon

Sources revealed that Airtel business strategy teams have sat down and categorized the type of slangs for each language it has been uttered under to be specified into a category of charges.

“We have identified various categories for the slangs namely Class A, B, C,” said a strategy team expert, “Class A will be charged 2 Rs per slang word followed by B which charges 5 Rs and then C which would have a penalty of 10 Rs. We have reserved the Class C mainly for slangs specifically related to family members and to mainly focus on having a slang free India.”

Sources say that the plan was initially scheduled to be effective before the India-Australia test series due to the expected heavy slang usage throughout it however it was delayed due to the huge amount of slangs that the Airtel customer care had brought forward

“We receive a variety of slangs every day from our customers that most of us would never have heard of,” a customer care representative told Faking News, “We even conduct 3 day training on how to deal with customers who utter unique slangs since we receive lots of them. Based on our motto ‘Express Yourself’, sometimes our customers express too much more than we would like to hear so we have a list of slangs which we use to teach the new employees to determine how angry the customers are.”

The customer care representative had also mentioned how much their team is in supportive of this and wishes that they implement this for callers who call their department too which would increase the bill of the customers exponentially.

The testing of the algorithm has also taken a chunk of time since the algorithm was wrongly charging with Class C rates every time the testers were talking to their family members. However, after the problems were resolved, the company had released the algorithm to be used amongst the Cricket team temporarily for a trail run.

Unfortunately, the Airtel team has encountered flaws in the algorithm again as they found out that Virat Kohli had got only charged only 25 Rs an entire week which has come as a huge surprise and it has been informed that the Airtel teams are working day and night to fix the algorithm to be released soon.