If Amit Shah can say null pointer exception in Hindi, we’ll insert Hindi comments in our code: IT engineers

18, Sep 2019 By dasu

Chennai: After Amit Shah has called for promoting Hindi as a linking language among people of various states in India, there has been backlash from many state leaders especially from the south.


However, IT community are ready to adapt provided Amit Shah can translate the key words they use in their day to day life in Hindi.

“Our primary language for years has been C, C++, Java etc. We converse in that language, even the Paanwalah, Chaiwalah near our office talks to us using these languages only. Shah ji is talking about three language, for me Hindi will be my fourteenth language”, said Vikas Rao in front of his office in Chennai

“Can Shah ji tell me what Null Pointer exception is called in Hindi? If he can without using Google translate, I am ready to insert comments inside my code in Hindi. Already I am writing my comments in English and Kannada, will add one more extra line, I have no issues with it”, said Pravin M from Bangalore.

Amazon Alexa, which is under pilot run for launching Hindi services, when it was asked about shoony soochak apavaad, it got confused and answered, are you looking for “Zero”, last movie of SRK.

Google which has helped Indian techies for years in pointing out solutions to null pointer exception is revamping its translation team. “We expect a big jump is translation queries. I am from Hindi heartland, many cases our translation is so poor, I only ask, yeh kya translate kiya hai bhai?. Government might fine us if we translate poorly like this”, told Gaurav Chopra from Google office in Gurugram