Amusement park to open an escalator ride for people who keep riding them for fun

01, May 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai. A leading amusement park of India has announced its intention to open an escalator ride, in order to cater to the people who repeatedly keep riding it in Malls and Metro stations for fun. This move is expected to generate huge revenue for the amusement park which would see an influx of customers which includes everyone from children to adults.

We spoke to the director of the park for more information, “Well we are always searching for new and exciting rides to include in our already sprawling arena. We usually copy a ride from Disneyland or other top amusement parks of the world, but now can’t as all of them were threatening litigation if we copied any more.”

These rides are fun!

“As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and so we had to look for new and original things,” he continued, “I had gone to the mall last Sunday with my wife and kid and my son was chewing my brains out by continuously insisting for repeated rides on the escalator. Thankfully my wife, who herself for some reason enjoys riding them, volunteered to take him. They weren’t alone there were many such people who were doing the same.”

“Just as I was wondering as to why the mall administration doesn’t install some joyride escalators for them, idea of inculcating it as a ride suddenly struck me. This idea has been approved by all my superiors and it will be a first indigenous amusement ride as part of our commitment to make in India. Also we are not planning to make anything new but just make the existing escalators in our park chargeable,” he revealed.

The park management confirmed that the existing escalators that connect various floors of the park will be repainted and re-branded as joy rides, and the elevator and the stairs will be indefinitely closed for maintenance.

Unconfirmed sources say that the park management is further in talks with Apple to name its escalators as iScalators, so that people happily pay to ride them.