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Animals outraged as new Benetton ad shows dog kissing cat

18, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

UnHate poster by Benetton
The latest UnHate ad poster released by Benetton

Mumbai. In a strong indication that shows animals catching up with the human beings on the evolution front, a group of cats and dogs have lodged strong protest against an ad released by Benetton, which shows a dog and a cat kissing each other. The latest ad released by the clothing retail company is part of its latest UnHate campaign, which had earlier shown world leaders kissing each other.

“What the mew is this,” Pussy Patrick, global leader of cats protested, “The ad shows no sensitivity towards feline feelings and mocks our dignity. Cats can’t tolerate such denigration and we will do everything to stop this nonsense, which is aimed at selling a few clothes.”

The ad shows a black cat being kissed by a brown dog in a romantic and passionate way. Both cats and dogs maintain that this is completely untrue depiction of the relationship that the two animal families enjoy and it hurts their sentiments.

“We fucking hate cats,” a dog barking outside Faking News office said, “What kind of joke is this by human beings on us? If they think they can play with our sentiments just by giving us a few breads and bones, then they are mistaken. This is not done! Sadda Haq, Aithe Rakh!”

Representatives of cats and dogs are planning legal action against Benetton if the company fails to remove the ad and apologize for their tasteless act. Earlier, Benetton was forced to remove a similar ad that showed Pope and an Imaam kissing each other.

“They will have to do the same with this ad too. Else outraged cats will infest all Benetton showrooms and drop poop all over, and we will not be responsible for that,” Patrick Pussy warned of the consequences. A group of dogs too have threatened bite everyone who wears Benetton brand of clothes.

Benetton has not yet responded to the complaints or threats by the animals. Faking News tried to contact the top management but a source revealed that all of them were busy checking sales figure and media mentions in the last few days. However, a company spokesman claimed that they were disappointed with the reaction of the animals.

“We came up this ad as we thought human beings were being sissy in their reaction, but even the animals have disappointed us,” the spokesman said, “Maybe we will release an ad showing two flowers kissing each other. That should be pretty non-controversial.”

“Of course not, our motive is to spread the message of love and tolerance,” the company spokesman reiterated when asked if this was just a marketing gimmick to push up sales.