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Apple announces free IIPM degree with every purchase of laptop

07, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. In its first major marketing initiative after Steve Jobs’ death, Apple Inc. has announced that it will give away free IIPM degrees with its MacBook brand of laptops in India. These special laptops are priced at 5 lakhs rupees each and will come with a pre-installed IIPM degree that a buyer can print after he successfully turns the laptop on. Apple has named these laptops iDare.

“Dare to think beyond computing,” IIPM Dean Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri announced in a joint press conference with Apple India representatives. iDare will be available in markets from 18th November when Common Admission Test (CAT) by IIMs ends, so that all those who might have screwed CAT can get a second chance.

Macbook pro
The new laptop that gives free degrees

However, a footnote (mentioned in small sized font) in the press release clarified that the free (mentioned in capital letters) IIPM degrees were not MBA degrees, let alone a UGC approved one. iDare – discover the Apple in you – buyers will get a Certificate in Mac Operations (CMO) instead.

When asked about the relevance and career prospects of such certificates, Faking News correspondent was legally warned against asking such distressing and defamatory questions.

“It will help Apple give thorns to competition,” an Apple representative explained why the US based computer electronics company decided to partner with IIPM, “After Steve Jobs, we were at loss to come up with innovative ideas, and we thought this was pretty much innovative. Other laptops are given free with IIPM degree, while we are giving away free IIPM degrees with laptops!”

Marketing experts believe that the coming together of two popular and reputed brands in India was long overdue as there were indeed some similarities between the two.

“They keep out churning the same products with minor changes, but market it as some brand new stuff, their products help a person gain confidence to strut around in the world, and both of them sue,” a marketing expert from Silchar, Assam, argued.