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Apple Maps shows 7 RCR within 10 Janpath, experts not sure if it’s a bug

24, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Apple Maps, which replaces Google Maps on devices running on iOS-6, has been found to be full of inaccuracies. However, it seems to have got one thing right – Apple Maps shows the official residence of the Prime Minister of India at 10, Janpath – the residence of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

“It’s not a bug! It proves that Apple Maps are not as bad as everyone is claiming,” claimed Seb Kumar, a spokesman of Apple India, “We all know who is the ‘real’ Prime Minister of India, and her residence is at 10, Janpath. Apple Maps got it right!”

The suspected “bug” was found when many people tried to search for “7, Race Course Road”, which is the official residence of the Prime Minister of India, on their iPhones after updating the operating system to iOS-6.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps
When Apple Maps couldn’t find Connaught Place, many thought that there was a new scam where CP was sold off on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“Surprisingly it showed a result!” claimed iPhone user Amit, who was busy googling ‘how to downgrade your iPhone’ when Faking News contacted him for comments, “There was a tiny dot, and when I zoomed in, I found it was 10, Janpath!”

Amit claims that it’s a bug and Apple Maps sucks like those local “guides” loafing around historical places in India who confidently construct hearsay as history to the lost visitors.

“In fact, Apple Maps is spreading rumors about locations! Government should take action!” a visibly angry and frustrated Amit demanded.

But others believe that ‘7 RCR’ within ‘10 Janpath’ was a proof that Apple Maps were “working”.

“When Google Maps show part of Arunachal Pradesh or Jammu & Kashmir in China, you don’t call it a bug!” Seb Kumar argued, “That’s the bitter reality of the geopolitics between the two nations. How can you call it a bug if Apple Maps shows the bitter reality of the domestic politics of India?

Sources say that instead of showing ‘7 RCR’ and ’10 Janpath’ as separate places a couple of kilometers apart, Apple Inc. is planning to use this (mis)information Apple Maps as their marketing message to show how their product and organizational philosophy was better than Google’s.

“BlackBerry and Google have bowed down to governments’ orders on earlier occasions, but we won’t! Our Maps will continue to show the reality,” Seb Kumar claimed a moral high ground amidst outcry over inaccuracies in Apple Maps.

Faking News immediately alerted Union Minister Kapil Sibal about the rebel intentions of Apple, who surprisingly claimed that he had no problems with Apple Maps showing wrong information.

“Enemy of enemy is a friend. We are currently trying to rein in Google, and hence we will allow Apple to spread rumors,” an aide of Kapil Sibal claimed.

However, sources tell Faking News that the government is happy with products like Apple Maps that will confuse people about locations of government offices and places like Jantar Mantar.

“Fans, members and ex-members of Team Anna using iPhones will never be able to find these places and government will be spared of endemic protests,” a source revealed why the government was soft on rumors being spread by Apple Maps.