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Apple requests Indian Govt to change the name of iRCTC as many customers complain thinking it’s an Apple product

05, Apr 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Apple is the most premium brand when it comes to Mobile and other entertainment devices. People in India have taken a great liking to the products in the last 10 years. But the naming convention of the products has become a headache for the company. Prefixing every product name with ‘i’ has caused major harm to their brand. many customers of iRCTC call up the Apple customer service when they are not able to book the tickets on time.


Tim Cook has requested the Indian government to take stern measures to educate people about IRCTC customer care so that they call up the right location. Sanil Jain who has been a loyal user of the irctc platform has faced this issue many times. Right from using it for the first time, he always thought that iRCTC is the worst product of Apple. IRCTC’s flaws were first ignored by people but then when it started getting more tedious, they were not happy with Apple for such a service. Apple customer care officials had a tough time dealing with such calls and it had to put across hoardings in India which said iRCTC is not a Apple product.

Faking News reporter spoke to Tim Cook and he had this to say, ”  We don’t have any problem with iRCTC, but we don’t want to face any problems because of a fault in someone else’s product. Through your medium I want to urge the people of India that all Apple products are flawless and we have no connection at all with iRCTC. I have also sent a proposal to the Indian Railway ministry that if they want any help with making iRCTC a quality product, we can definitely help.”