Apple reveals that iPhone 11 will the first iPhone to be launched after iPhone XR, fans go crazy

26, Jun 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

California. The upcoming Apple iPhone 11 has been doing the rounds of the internet from a while and this latest bit of information confirms all the changes Apple will implement later on this year. Fans are eagerly waiting for the iPhone and have already made plans to book the phone as soon as it is launched.


But the craziness has increased as Apple announced yesterday that the phone will be the first after iPhone XR. This information has spread like fire and now fans cannot wait for the launch.

People all around the world were seen sharing social media posts saying how excited they were that the new iPhone will be the first iPhone after iPhone XR. This was something very few people expected. Mostly when a new product is launched, there is a discussion around the expected features, but this time the discussion is around the fact that this will be the first iPhone to be launched after iPhone XR.

Tim Cook has told that all other smaller details will be conveyed during the launch, but he is happy to know that fans have taken the news very well and he hopes record sales of the iPhone 11.