With the Appraisal season over, many IT offices have put HR teams’ cubicles for rent in co-working space

13, Aug 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Co-working space availability in India’s Silicon Valley is increasing at a faster clip than runs from Virat Kohli’s bat. Many IT companies have posted their HR team members cubicles in the co-working space so that they can earn few quick bucks.


“September to December is a lean quarter for IT industries with less billable days. Even Google search also takes breather here like the suttawalahs in front of offices as every week some festival or other falls. So naturally IT companies will look for newer opportunities for their revenue growth”, said Ravi Kapoor, director of which deals with co-working space rental and lease options.

“This is not appraisal season HR team will need cubicles to print the super-secret hike letters. When they will take leave rest of the month where one day falls as holiday, why to keep the cubicles unoccupied, unused. It was a loss for IT companies. Dere aaye per durust aaye. Now they understand the value of each cubicle”, added Mr. Kapoor.

Majority of IT companies hires HR team members who are proficient in working from home, cafeteria, lawns in front of office, malls, coffee outlets etc. “I have seen companies warning their HR team members who came to office on working days. They were asked to fill a form what was the reason they came to office. Unless the satisfactory answer was given, they were asked to go on leave till next year”, added Mr. Kapoor.

With these changes, every HR person’s life has not become good. “My house owner tracks how many hours I stay at home as it directly impacts the water I use. Office jaake boss toh jhagda nahin kar sakti, I only take a co-working space somewhere nearby on rent to spend some hours. Jyada bore laga toh Silk Board se white field ka eak trip kar leti hoon. Do din chala jaata hai usme”, said an HR intern.