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As part of "Swachh Bharat" initiative, IT companies give ultimatum to employees to clean their desktop

02, Oct 2014 By manithan

Bangalore: IT Companies across India have taken up the Swachh Bharat campaign very seriously. Apart from usual cleaning of their workplaces and clean desk policy, they have now issued an ultimatum to their employees to keep the desktop of their PC/laptop clean.

An IT employee from Hyderabad, Venkata’s monitor was found the worst example of an unclean desktop (seen in this pic). He was immediately fired.

Consortium of IT Companies of India (CITCA) met in Bangalore yesterday and discussed on the implementation aspects of the initiatives of the Indian Government in their sector. During the discussion, they highlighted about how the IT industry is a precursor to the “Make In India” movement, by developing all the software applications that the world use, in India. The consortium went on to discuss about the future plans of the IT industries, during which they discussed about the “Swachh Bharat” (Clean India) campaign.

Speaking to the media, CITCA head Sandan Silekani said, “We had already been following whatever Indian Government implements and in certain areas, we are ahead of them. When Govt. officials are lampooned for their foreign trips, our IT employees go onsite for photo-shoot and unlimited liquor. When Govt. tried to implement Aadhar, we had our own ID cards (which is widely used for finding out experience before talking). We even had Clean Desk Policy. So in lieu of the Swachh Bharat campaign, we have agreed to implement it in the virtual space. We are issuing an ultimatum to the IT employees to keep their desktop of their PC/laptop clean and free of unwanted files. We will be holding surprise visits to the Development Centres and if someone is found with unwanted files in their desktop, then we will fire him/her.”

An IT employee working with a reputed firm lamented, “Arrey yaar! What do these people want? We keep our files in desktop so that we can grab them for easy future reference. We work with some 200-300 files everyday and if we forget where we kept that one file, we will have to keep searching it for hours together. It is a major loss to productivity. We have to deliver so many things in 14 hours every day and if we lose 20 minutes in searching file, then how can we complete our work? Also, keeping  a lot of files in desktop makes our co-workers feel like we do a lot of work and we are perpetually busy. This is atrocious. Where are Achche Din?”

Mahesh Iyer, an IT employee from Chennai, was furious, “Not only files, they are not allowing us to keep Sunny Leone as wallpaper. Sunny is my propellant to do good work. There is no other encouraging factor to work hard in our project. Atleast, they should induct some hot girls in the project, so that we do not have images of actresses on our desktop. “

Sameera Shaikh, another IT employee from Mumbai, angrily tweeted, “I got a desktop and it has too much files. You Got a Problem? #NoToSwachhBharat #IHateCITCA”

Few IT companies have gone the extra mile in this initiative by stressing developers to collect garbages in programming. Development head of one IT company said, “We have returned back the code to developers, asking them to release objects and clean the garbage. We are stern in cleaning even the Indian software products.”