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Average fresher level salary in IT industry to remain 3 lpa till human civilization comes to an end: Report

17, Dec 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. If a report published in a leading business magazine is to be believed, average fresher level salary in IT industry will remain 3 lakh per annum, till the human civilization comes to an end.

The report has been written by a group of researchers studying why the average salary figure is stuck at 3 lpa since ages.

“But 3 lpa sounds cooler than 4 lpa”

“One of the most interesting reasons justifying the static figure I got was from Narayanshankar, the CEO of IT giant Dinosys. He said, it was an ongoing social experiment,” lead researcher Aniruddh Banerjee said while talking to Faking News.

As per Mr. Narayanshankar, he is very fascinated to see how good Indian engineers are at adapting themselves.

“Even after several years, while prices of everything else kept shooting up, freshers are still able to manage in the same salary package. Isn’t it amazing? I have full faith that they will be able to do it even in 2500 AD,” read the report quoting Narayanshankar.

Naraynshankar is hopeful that in distant future, by surviving comfortably in just 3 lpa, young Indian engineers will achieve status of the God.

“Just like once Jesus feed a group of five thousand using only five loaves of bread and two fishes, I am expecting our engineers to perform miracles in future,” read another one of Mr. Narayanshankar’s quotes from the report, which explains why he wants to keep the salary figure 3 lpa.

Harsih Gupta, a top executive of another tech biggie LCS, which is a famous mass recruiter revealed a different reason.

“We want to bridge the generation gap which our current employees would otherwise face in future with their children. For example, many fathers often that they started their career with Rs 500 per month or Rs. 1000 per month, while their children are starting with 3 lpa. Now imagine, even children of the children starting their career at 3 lpa. It would be so cool,” said an excited Harish Gupta, who has recently managed to suppress the demand of rise in fresher level salary in his company.

“And frankly, nobody minds. Starting your career at 3 lpa after finishing engineering is now a part of Indian culture and we are determined to preserve it, till the world ends,” Harish Gupta concluded.

Even new tech companies are contributing a lot to keep the 3 lpa figure intact, however each have their own reasons.

“There is something in this phrase ‘Three lakh per annum’. It attracts people towards itself. Those who have salary of 2.85 lpa tell their neighbors that it’s 3 lpa, which is industry average, even neighbors know that. And those whose salary is 3.25, automatically get three lakhzoned by their neighbours, even after specifically saying 3.25. Such is the power of this phrase and that’s why I love it,” explained CEO of a mid sized IT company Teenlakhiya Technologies.