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Bangalore man applies for a loan to meet his yearly "Starbucks Coffee" expenditure

19, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore. In an interesting news from the southern party of the city, a software engineer has reportedly applied for a loan to meet his yearly expenditure incurred on Starbucks Coffee amusements. Today, home loan, car loan, land purchase loan, repair loan and top-up loan are known to be the loans most applied for, but a personal loan with coffee expenditure as reason is the first of its kind.

Our reporters were able to catch up with the loan aspirant Mr. Srikanth Kumar, who spoke to us briefly. He said, “Starbucks coffee has been my favorite coffee ever since it came to India, before which I used to have filter coffee at Udupi hotel. What amazes me the most is its price! More than a hundred rupees for a short size of heavenly brewed coffee, isn’t that just awesome?! Something more that really adds to the experience is waiting to be seated which almost takes 45 minutes. In those 45 minutes, I swipe on my smart phone screen left and right, check for Facebook updates and most importantly, update my feelings with a check-in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It also gives me an opportunity to socialize as I see a lot of girl groups waiting to be seated.”

“Everyday low-price at Starbucks.”

When asked about the loan he took from Karnataka Bank for dealing with coffee expenses, he said, “The other side of the story is not as rosy as you might be thinking. Around 40% of my take home salary goes into paying for house rent, petrol & running unnecessary errands. Another 40% goes into paying for food eaten at malls. Now don’t ask me about the remaining 20%…”. With an embarrassed look on his face, he continued, “OK. Let me tell you, it goes into paying for Starbucks coffee. Yeah, every day in the evening and twice on weekends. This is the reason why I had applied for personal loan with a special reason mentioning Starbucks expenditure. To my surprise, it was approved within 2 days.”

After this incident, Indian Banks’ Association officials have discussed about forming a new category of low-interest loans for customers to ease their payments related to entertainment expenditure. This is definitely a good news for coffee lovers from across the country, for in future, they can apply for similar loans and not compromise on their E3- Expensive Entertainment Expenditure.

Sources say one fine day Srikanth may think of going back to Udupi hotel for filter coffee but only when filter coffee’s price will exceed that of Starbucks’ brewed coffee.