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Bengaluru start-up receives 50K resumes after it promises excellent “traffic-life balance” in Job Ad

01, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Bengaluru: A Bengaluru based IT start-up called Easy Life Corporation has reportedly promised candidates a perfect “traffic-life balance” if they decide to join their company.

Bengaluru traffic
Bengaluru traffic during off-peak hours

This promise has seen their inbox flooded with job applications and in fact, the company server crashed after receiving 50,000 resumes within an hour of the job advertisement going live.

Traffic is the biggest problem facing people in Bengaluru. More than Dal price or Petrol excise, Intolerance or ISIS, it is the traffic that occupies people’s mind all the time and an offer of perfect traffic-life balance attracted great interest from everyone.

Speaking to Faking News, spokesperson of the company Mr. Zooming Gupta said, “Easy Life Corp. is not just like any other start up. We realize the importance of having a healthy traffic-life balance. Therefore, we are going to set up hundreds of small small offices across Bengaluru instead of having one big campus. Employees can report to any office near their home and start working. If too many people report to a single office and there is no space, employees can go back home and sit on the bench at their home.”

“For people who don’t live anywhere close to any of our offices, we have a cab system as well. Our cabs are not like the ones offered by competitors like TeaSeaEs and Infrasys which get stuck in traffic. All our drivers are experts in driving a car on 2 wheels. This way, they can negotiate even the worst of jams and pass through tiny gaps like motorcycles. They can even use pavements like motorcycles for driving with this skill”, Mr Gupta added.

When we asked Mr Gupta who will fund these 100s of offices that they plan on opening, Mr Gupta said, “We are a startup boss. Startup India, Standup India. Have you seen the kind of startups getting funded these days? Someone will stand up and fund this also.”