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Banks suggest Govt to introduce Soul Identification Number so that they can collect dues from the person in next life

06, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Worried with the high levels of non-performing assets in their books, Banks are suggesting Government to go one step above Aadhaar and allocate a new number for each soul in the country. Soul Identification number (SIN) will help banks to track the ‘Soul’ who has taken loan and it will be the responsibility of the bodies which will carry the soul in next life to pay the remaining installments of the loan.


While speaking to us a senior bank official said, “Government is saying one day Aadhaar is mandatory beyond Oct 1st for death certificate registration, then clarifies the person can still die without Aadhaar but his close relatives need to submit an undertaking telling the person did not have Aadhaar before he or she died. May be Government is short of Aadhaar numbers, it is doing that so someone who is dead, his Aadhaar number can be given to another person like our Mobile companies do for mobile number”.

“My question is how it is going to help us. Who will pay our loan after the person dies? Selling assets to recover amount is so tough and for that we have to work hard, not feasible for government employees”, said the bank official.

“It is high time we go beyond all these mess, look for something that is eternal, that is our soul. How they should go about it, I am not the right person. They need to talk to various spiritual leaders who know the key parameters of the soul. They need to find what makes a soul unique. Need to store that info and this should be used to track the person in his next life”, said the bank official.

Bank official added another positive side to it, “People are struggling to pay EMIs with 30-year tenure of home loan. With SIN in place, we can increase it to 300 years. EMI amount will become so much affordable. Many souls will buy houses and our business will pick up”.

After hearing about SIN, many have started praying that they are never born in next life with the soul of someone like Vijay Mallya.