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Bengaluru Startup providing empty bottles to people looking to pee while stuck in traffic jams

10, May 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: A group of engineers from Bengaluru have started a new company that will resolve a major problem for the commuters in the city. On an average day, commuters spend 5-6 hrs in traffic jams across the city and it becomes a big problem if someone has to pee during that time. Now thanks to this startup, they can relieve themselves comfortably inside their cars.


The company named “The Urinator” will provide empty 2-liter bottles to people stuck inside their cars in the traffic jams that are the biggest feature of the city. Currently their product can only be used by people traveling in their own cars but the research team is working on new products that will be fit for use for 2-wheeler riders as well. Research is also on to come up with a female friendly product as the company is very keen to promote gender equality.

Speaking to Faking News, one of the founders of the company said,” As innovators, our main focus has always been to provide solutions to the problems faced by the people. Now finding a place to pee while you are stuck in a traffic jam has always been a major problem and looking at the amount of time an average Bengaluru resident spends in a traffic jam, one is bound to face the problem. Therefore, we decided to provide a solution and offered our services for a very nominal fee.”

“Of course, one can simply park their car in the traffic jam and go to any nearby mall to find a restroom and then return to their car but the hope that the traffic will move stops people from doing so. Urinating on the roadside is also not an option in Bengaluru because there is always the risk of a motorcycle using that space to pass and hitting you so we came up with the urinator to resolve all these problems”, he added.

Meanwhile, another startup is constructing bathrooms on the dividers on the road to provide bathing facility for commuters stuck in traffic jams.