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BJP recruits 100 business consultants to encash on Modi’s luck

03, Feb 2015 By adigai86

New Delhi. Hours after PM Narendra Modi claimed in a Delhi assembly election rally that his luck had the power of benefiting people, the BJP central leadership has kick started efforts to encash on this luck.

In line with this, BJP President Amit Shah has recruited over a 100 top business consultants from across the industries.

Amit Shah Modi
Bas, apna luck pehan kar chalte rahiye” Amit Shah requesting Modi.

These consultants have now been tasked with coming up with a viable business plan for monetizing Modi’s luck.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, to one of our secret sources, one such consultant said that the immediate plan is to manufacture and sell lockets, yantras and rings with Modi’s image on them to luckless souls. All the paraphernalia will be sold under the Modi Bhagya Vidhata brand name.

“We will start by selling the Modi Bhagya Vidhata lockets to Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party candidates in Delhi as this can help them get at least a few votes in the upcoming assembly elections,” the head consultant claimed that initial trials on 20 something MBA graduates were extremely promising as they got interview calls hours after wearing Bhagya Vidhata Modi lockets.

It is rumoured that the marketing campaign would rely primarily on Telebrands and other such foreign tele ad shows as they already have some experience in peddling similar items like Kuber Yantra and Shani Locket

The consultants are extremely confident about the future prospects of using PM Modi’s luck.

“We have plan to introduce products that tap into Pushpak Vimanas, Astrology and other such ancient Indian technologies. We are sure that products relying on these technologies can be viable only if they use Shri Modi’s luck,” hoped another member of the consulting team.