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Bollywood actor whose wife is an interior designer hires someone else for his home decoration as wife’s fee was unaffordable

12, Aug 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Have you heard about Bollywood couples where the wife is not an interior designer? You can count those couples on fingers. In fact, so many interior designing schools are shutting down owing to the growing number of interior designers whose only qualification is that they are a star-wife. And the charges are so high that only the A-listers can afford them. Forget about their own husbands.


In a surprising yet true story which came to light today, a Bollywood star named ‘Not So Amir’ Khan hired an external interior designer in spite of the fact that his own wife is an interior designer. The reason was unaffordability in hiring his own wife, and him being not an A-list star. He tried hard to find an interior designer who is not a star-wife, but all in vain.

The Faking News investigating team tried to find some innovative and talented designers operating in India, and trust us, it was a challenging task. Most designers we found initially were star-wives or just part-time interior designers and full-time party attenders.

Our search led us to Story by Design in Hyderabad, providers of interior designing solutions customized to your own stories. At a time when creativity is all about getting inspired by the old, Story by Design believes in ‘Old is not always Gold’ and designing is all about the personalized experience.

In fact, we also found that most of the HNIs of Hyderabad used to come to Mumbai to find good interior designers. This is the first instance that a Bollywood celebrity is going to Hyderabad to book his interior designer. Yes, ‘Not So Amir’ Khan has already left for Hyderabad.