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Boy grows up to be a man while put on hold by Vodafone customer care

31, Jul 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A local boy today stunned everyone by claiming that he was put on hold for 5 years by Vodafone customer care before he was finally connected to a call center executive. In the process, the boy grew up from being a 15 years old juvenile to an adult aged 20 years.

“I had called to opt for GPRS internet subscription way back in 2008, and now when I finally managed to get through, I realized that even 2G had become outdated, so opted for a 3G scheme,” explained Kishor, the boy-turned-man.

“Now I know verbatim what shit they say when you press any key from1 to 9. I pressed all possible combinations to finally reach the right option, before I was put on hold,” Kishore recalled.

It is easier to understand what a zoozoo is saying than a Vodafone customer care executive

“I was moved when they said ‘Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line.’ and I believed them,” Kishore explained why he kept on waiting, “It’s just that they should have specified the time I would have to wait. I could have gone to US and done my grads there, and come back in time for the call to get connected.”

Apart from academic years, what Kishor rues is that he couldn’t make the most of his golden “juvenile” years.

“Now who will return my punishment free juvenile years? I had plans to loot petrol pumps, molest a few girls in my school, and walk away scot-free. Who is going to pay for that?” Kishor demanded compensation.

“I am calculating the notional loss that this episode has caused me with help from former CAG Mr. Vinod Rai, and I will soon drag Vodafone to court,” he threatened.

“He can take any legal action and go to any court he wants. No court is going to buy his argument that he was kept on line for 5 years. Even a zoozoo knows that Vodafone network sucks and longest we have had a call without it getting dropped is not more than 5 minutes,” a Vodafone representative told Faking News.

“On the contrary, now that he is no longer a juvenile, we will sue him for abusing our bots executives,” the Vodafone representative added before hanging up. Faking News can’t confirm if he angrily disconnected or the call got dropped.

Meanwhile Kishor’s elder brother, having AirTel broadband connection, was still going strong for over 6 years now in his quest to speak with their customer care executive. He was following India-Bermuda cricket match of 2007 world cup on Cricinfo before the internet stopped working.