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BP declares massive outsourcing of oil spill activities to India

10, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. Hugely disappointed with the over-reaction of the US administration and citizens over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, oil major British Petroleum (BP) has announced that henceforth it will direct all its environmentally damaging activities towards India with a sustained focus on oil spill. The announcement by BP is being seen as a strong retort to Obama’s deadline given to the company for presenting an updated plan for battling the oil spill crisis.

“India is an emerging economy with a heart for corporate misdemeanors. We are extremely impressed with their handling of Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The patience shown by the government, the investigation agencies and the judiciary has been exemplary, and the USA needs to learn a thing or two from the next superpower.” Tony Hayward, CEO of BP said in a press note.

Oil Spill
A bird covered in oil due to oil spill; BP believes that Indians won’t be outraged even if it was a human being

BP has announced this major outsourcing to India even though Obama administration is believed to be anti-outsourcing. Experts believe that BP, which provides around 75% of its political funding to the Republicans, is trying to put pressure on the Obama administration through its latest decision.

The press note released by the company further maintained that corporations all over the world were compassionate and responsible in nature, but a few slips here and there resulted in some deaths and damages occasionally, something for which the corporations shouldn’t be penalized heavily by the civil society.

“We have been providing millions of barrels of oil per week years after years. We work non-stop as we drill every damn place on the earth to extract even more oil so that people can live a luxurious life. People forget that but don’t forget a few thousand barrels spilled over in the Gulf of Mexico.” Tony expressed disappointment while saving some nice words for India.

“Compare it with gratitude that Indian administrators and agencies showed to Warren Anderson and Union Carbide in the case of Bhopal Gas Tragedy.” he added, announcing that the company would soon finalize its plans for major oil spills in India.

The company also praised Indian citizens for showing brave face in wake of corporate disasters.

“Oil and Gas companies are treated nicely in India. No one was jailed when there was a major fire at Jaipur IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) depot in November last year that kept raging for over a week. Indians know that mistakes are bound to happen and one has to learn to live with them. Indians don’t forget the nice work done by corporations.” the press note mentioned.

BP, which owns the Castrol brand in India, had won bids for exploration of oil in the Krishna-Godavari basin along with Reliance in the NELP VII auctions two years ago. The company is confident of executing successful oil spills and other environmentally damaging activities in partnership with Reliance, which already enjoys friendly relationships with the Indian authorities.