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BreakMyShaadi.com – website launched for couples stuck in a relationship

02, Aug 2013 By @jurnoleast

Break My Shaadi
The homepage of the newly launched website

Mumbai. Abhijeet Goyal, a professional working for a reputed IT firm has recently launched his site breakmyshaadi.com targeted at couples looking for quicker separation from the bonds of marriage or even live-in relationships.

The site has already received 60,000 pageviews with around 25,000 unique visitors within hours of it being launched.

“Couples just need to register on the site, and with a single click they can get a divorce and our team will take care of all the legal issues,” says Abhijeet.

“Yes, all religious sanctions have also been taken,” Abhijeet further adds, “Hindu couples have to fast for one week as penance while Muslim husbands must click thrice on the ‘talaaq’ button for a valid transaction.”

Maya Sharma (name changed on request), who works as a media professional got her divorce through breakmyshaadi. She says, “I had met my husband through a matrimony website called Facebook. We soon changed our relationship status as ‘In a relationship’, ‘Married’ to ‘It’s complicated’. There was option of ‘Divorced’ too, but Facebook didn’t provide any legal support.”

Homeopathic doctor turned marriage counselor Dr. Batra says, “It’s a wonderful service as bad marriages or relationships cause a lot of emotional and mental stress. This can lead to hair loss. We treat all kind of hair losses at our clinic. Couples should also try our services and I am willing to partner with this website.”

While Abhijeet didn’t respond to Dr. Batra’s spam offer of partnership, he confirmed that he was in talks with John Abraham and Bipasha Basu to rope them as brand ambassadors.

“This is to make sure that the website, despite saying ‘shaadi’, attracts even unmarried couples stuck in a bad relationship,” he explained.

To widen the appeal and customer base of the website further, Abhijeet is even thinking of allowing entities like companies, political parties, or partnerships to register as members and break their alliance.

“Imagine Nitish Kumar breaking his alliance with BJP online,” he told Faking News.