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Builder creates record by handing over the key “on time” but postpones the possession by another 5 years

13, May 2015 By dasu

Bangalore. One of the city based reputed builder shocked everyone when it decided to handover the key to the owners as per the record date agreed on the agreement. As this is not the standard norm in reality sector, on getting the notification to collect the key many owners thought this is another spam email and ignored it.

To ensure all the customers are available for its gala key handover ceremony, the builder took extra care of calling each of them as per their contact details. From the look of the keys, it was pretty clear the builder has spent considerable amount of time on preparing the custom made keys & key chains. One can see the keys were manufactured by Godrej company and on every key chain, apartment number was nicely engraved.

Work going in full swing to complete the construction.
Work going in full swing to complete the construction.

One of the proud owner, Mr. Naveen, who has experience of owning quite a few apartments spoke to our Faking News reporter. He said, “I am really happy this time. Unlike others, here is a builder who at least met his commitment and handed over the finest quality keys on time. Not only the key, the builder has given us the Godrej lock that will be used in my apartment. Now I feel safe that the lock and key will remain with my family. Whenever the apartment comes up these will be used, no one else can come in between and claim the ownership as these keys & locks cannot be duplicated as told by manufacturer.”

When we asked about the fact that this apartment was pre-launched when Nehra did his test debut and by the look of the current development this might not be ready for possession by the time Kohli retires, he said, “There is delay in everything that happens in India. Do you think make in India campaign that current government has launched will be successful in this term? All these are for long term. By end of five years, they will ask for another term saying this time the geopolitical situation was not good, next term it will be better to fulfill it’s pre-poll commitments. Unnecessarily people are harsh towards builders. Whatever points they highlight, nobody listens. It’s wrong for us to think builders have credibility like that of Rahul Gandhi.”

Naveen asked, “Do you think all the five apartments I own today, all of them were booked by me? No, I am enjoying the investments my father and grandpa did long time back. Like we all are eating mangos from the trees which were planted by our grandparents and great grandparents, you should think real estate investment from that perspective. Someday someone from your family tree be it your son or grandson will get possession.”

When we asked Mr. Naveen how confident he is about the present government achieving its dream of housing for all by 2022, he said that he is as confident about India’s football team qualifying for next ten FIFA world cups.