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Builder found selling flats in Nallasopara calling it Extremely Upper Worli

21, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Taking the route of canny branding to entice buyers to an all new height, a well known builder has decided to sell flats in his upcoming residential tower in Nallasopara calling the place “Extremely Upper Worli“.

Lodha group, the developer in question is confident that with such branding they will be able to lure not just NRIs and High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), but also all those countless people who dream of a home in South Bombay.

The developer will be offering flats for an inaugural rate of 8000 psf for the upper middle class people who will be resided in separate towers, just the way separate congested towers are built in the Island city for the mill workers when their plot is redeveloped to make way for skyscrapers.

To stop NRIs and HNIs from being put off by such low prices, they will be given an option of purchasing the same type of flats in different tower, for a rate of 50,000 psf, which will be similar to prices offered in real Worli.

Breathtaking view of a place in Mumbai where rich and poor live together in harmony.
Breathtaking view of a place in Mumbai where rich and poor live together in harmony.

“Which other builder is sensitive enough to cater to the needs of these low income people who aspire to live in South Bombay but can’t due to obnoxiously high rates?” the Chief Marketing Officer of Lodha Group argued and revealed that it was also part of group’s CSR activity.

The developer had to earlier drop their plans of calling their tower in Dombivalli as “Newest Cuffe Parade” after it was found that commuting time between Delhi and Mumbai by air was lesser than that between the actual Cuffe Parade and Dombivalli.

“Also, at that time Ashok Chavan sir was busy with Adarsh Building so we couldn’t get appointments for regulatory approvals,” an official of Lodha Group told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

However this time, the group is being proactive and is already in talks with relevant departments to get a road or lane built that has a name similar to those found in the Mumbai city.

The group further reasons that there was logic behind calling a place in Nallasopra, Extremely Upper Worli.

“When we can call a place 4 Kms from the actual worli as Upper Worli, then by same logic, a place 40-50 KMs away should be called Extremely Upper Worli. So we are not duping anybody!” the official claimed.

Meanwhile a similar attempt to name a place in Kalyan as “Upper Lower Parel” had to be shelved after it was found that it may confuse the hell out of commuters.