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Cab company to no longer provide cabs, will instead focus on beautifying mobile app for cab booking

25, Feb 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Hyderabad: In a major talent re-shuffle in its workforce, leading cab company Sheru Cabs has announced that it would be laying of all the driving staff and instead would be hiring 3 talented software engineers from the top engineering campuses across the country.

This is a major shift in business model of Sheru Cabs wherein they will no longer run any cabs but instead focus on launching extremely beautiful features for their mobile app so that customers can book the cabs with utmost ease and convenience.

Mobile Apps
Customer satisfaction is most important

Mr. Jaykant Shikre, Senior VP for Human Resources at Sheru Cabs talked to the reporters in a press conference.

“Despite creating and launching a beautiful looking mobile app we were facing lot of difficulty in actually providing services to the passengers. Passengers were complaining a lot about unavailability of cabs and rudeness of drivers. Some passengers were being given cab-booking confirmations but cabs didn’t show up. For other passengers cabs showed up very late, pissing them off. More-over the drivers were complaining about low pay, bad timings etc. But at the same time our app-developers were beautifying our mobile app more and more. Superb green-grey color coded graphics, one-touch booking facility, big green buttons with white text, all exciting features were being developed. The senior leadership across the company was just loving our app and hating our on-ground services. Hence after a careful analysis we have decided to eliminate our on-ground services completely and focus solely on app development.”

When asked how will the company survive without having any cabs, Mr. Shikre gave some glimpses of their new and intelligent business model. – “We will accept bookings as usual as If we have cabs. But we will ask customers to pre-pay the amount. Now, since we actually have no cabs so we cannot provide them, hence we will cancel all the bookings 2 hours prior to travel. So the amount paid by customer will be with us in our bank account from the time of payment till the next day when we cancel the cab and refund it back. Since our bank is Kotak Mahindra we will earn a higher rate of interest of 6% on all these payments. And all this interest is nothing but absolute profit,” a beaming Mr. Shikre concluded.

There were no clear comments on how company plans to salvage existing vehicle inventory it owns. Although rumor is all the existing cabs will be crushed and the obtained steel will be remolded into a steel fence structure. This fence will then be used to protect Sheru Cabs’ new server facility which will contain cloud servers to host their upcoming mobile app.