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Campus recruiters find better jobs on campus for themselves

02, Aug 2013 By The Gun

Allahabad. Campus placements process in a local engineering college took an interesting turn today when the recruiters themselves took jobs in the college. Two of the visiting recruiters from an IT company found ‘respectable’ jobs that they had been missing throughout their respective careers in the industry.

Arun and Anil (names changed), were part of  team that represented Bangalore based Full Rest Systems, but now they are part of the faculty and administration respectively at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology.

Job offer
A different twist in the story

Arun, an experienced campus recruiter and also an alumnus of the college, has become a lecturer while Anil, who had joined Full Rest only last year, is now a lab technician. They e-mailed their resignation letters to the company HQ last night.

“We found better career opportunities on campus,” they confirmed to Faking News. Arun was earlier working as a project manager while Anil was a tester.

“It was my first visit as a campus recruiter and I’m glad that it resulted in a job offer,” Anil said, showing his appointment letter.

The incident has left the rest of the Full Rest team red faced as they are now clueless about how to impress the students on campus to join the company.

“Look at the brighter side, now we have two more jobs to offer you guys,” a senior HR manager tried to control the situation when a group of students wondered if the company could provide them job satisfaction and career growth.

“We will also pay you!” the HR manager tried to impress the students.

Explaining the incident, college sources claim that the company never had any jobs to offer and they were visiting the campus only to continue the relationship with the placement committee.

“The job scenario is very bad. It was just a cosmetic exercise by the company that has gone astray,” a professor on the campus told Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

“Or who knows, maybe these recruiters actually come to look for jobs for themselves when they tour the campuses,” he added as an afterthought.

Meanwhile Human Resources sections of the companies have taken note of the development and have decided to send only hopeless HR manager for campus recruitment.