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Candle making firms post huge profits as social activists hold back-to-back candle-light vigils to plead for terrorists

31, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Candle making companies in the country are happy with bright business prospects as social activists and NGOs throughout the country are holding back-to-back candle-light vigils to plead mercy for terrorists. Many of the candle-makers who were on the verge of bankruptcy a few months back, are not only back in green but are even planning to hire from top B-schools in the country, indicating the deep pockets they now possess.

'Acche din' for candle makers.
‘Acche din’ for candle makers.

Mr. Prakash Jwalantesheel the Managing Director of Beaver-brand Candles Inc. was talking to media during a candle-manufacturers business summit in New Delhi. He said, “Earlier we used to see a huge surge in business only during Diwali time when millions of candles were sold throughout the country within short span of time. But now we also see a huge surge before major court hearings for celebrity terrorists. I am very thankful to the social activists in the country for putting us in back into business by holding these numerous candle light vigils.”

He further continued, “During this recent attack in Punjab, we thought some terrorists might be captured alive and then these social activists will start doing candle-light vigils and mercy petitions for them, but that didn’t happen. We even sent 2 truckloads of creamy and off-white candles to the location in advance but that stock is now languishing there. We will shortly move it to the location of the next possible terror attack. For that our analysts are in constant touch with various social activist groups and NGOs since these people some-how know the locations of these attacks even before they happen.”

While business is good for these candle-makers they are also planning to give back to their customers in form of discounts and other promotional offers. Candle makers have now offered deep-discounts to big NGOs and social activists who hold more than 15 candle-light vigils per month.

Candle makers are also separating out the assembly lines for these NGOs and are going with 0% interest EMI options, hefty payment gateway discounts and a lenient payment schedule for these bulk-candle buying customers. NGOs who have been participating in Save Our Terrorists Campaign (SOTC) are already added to the list of premium customers by candle manufacturers.