Car company just starts thinking about new model launch, review website declares it 'Car of the year'

26, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

There are many things you don’t find on Indian roads. First being good roads, second being ‘Driving sense’, but something which one can find in abundance is the ‘Car of the year’ plying around the roads. Plenty of them in fact. It is very difficult to find a car which has not been awarded ‘car of the year’ on Indian roads. In fact, there is a joke in the industry that whenever a new car has to be launched, first the order of ‘Car Of The Year’ sticker is given to the respective vendors. Depending on the color and art on the sticker, the company then designs the car.


People often criticizing the Filmfare awards or the other movie awards need to have a thorough look at the car awards or the smartphone awards. Every maker has won 1-2 awards in their history. And if you are a rich maker you might as well win awards every month. Most of these awards function is just a PR exercise funded by the car company itself. 100s of cars get launched in a year and so 100s of award functions are held every year to give an award to all these cars. In fact, review websites are so fast nowadays that they award the ‘Car of the year’ trophy even before the launch of the car.

Indian review website Fast and Curious recently became the fastest reviewer when it gave the ‘car of the year’ tag to a vehicle whose launch meeting was just held yesterday. Without giving much detail about the car, the website advised customers to go for it as it is the best car ever. Some customers were curious to know more about the car, the name of the model and other things, but they were given assurances that whatever the name or features be, the Car is going to be the best in its class.