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Chinese phone maker wondering what to do with millions of iPhone 9 stickers they had printed for iPhone 9 replica

19, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

In an event one week back, Apple launched three phones—iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (which apple wants you to pronounce as iPhone 10). The company skipped iPhone 9. Well it doesn’t cause any harm to the users as they are already willing to shell out money on any Phone Apple launches. But the biggest hit is taken by a Chinese Phone maker which had spent millions of dollars in printing iPhone 9 stickers for the replica phones it planned to launch in the market.


Chinese phone maker ‘Livo’ has always been at the forefront of making technology available to common people at affordable prices, and that’s the reason it replicates the costly iPhones launched by Apple. The employees were very excited for the launch of iPhone 9 as every phone launch gives them an opportunity to earn millions of dollars by creating replicas. And unlike the original mobile market, the replica makers have to be proactive and have to preempt every move of the original maker as in the replica market also there is a competition of who will launch it first.

Faking News reporter caught up with Xing Ping Pong who is the CEO of Livo and he had this to say,” Its very unethical on the part of Apple to completely skip a model and launch the subsequent one. They are a big phone maker and don’t realize the problem faced by the smaller makers like us. We have spent years of our life in strategizing the launch of iPhone 9 replicas, our marketing team, distribution team and even the sticker making team have given blood and sweat for this launch. I want answer from Tim Cook. Otherwise we will drag them to court. Currently we have ordered our teams to focus on making the iPhone 10 replica till decision for iPhone 9 comes out.”