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Christmas celebration ‘on-hold’ till HR and admin team reach consensus what should be ideal height of Christmas tree

19, Dec 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Employees of ‘copy & paste technologies private limited’ are upset when they see every other office in their building have started Christmas celebration, there is no news when their office celebration would start.


The IT company has put the Christmas celebration ‘on-hold’ after big fight happened between HR and admin team. Both teams could not reach a consensus what should be the ideal height of the all-important Christmas tree that is kept near office reception desk.

HR team wanted the Christmas tree to be at least 10 feet height with 15 feet circumference at the bottom. Admin team refused to ‘arrange’ such a big one as it would take lot of effort to decorate such a big tree.

“When HR maam asked me to arrange for a bigger tree as she did not like the one I was putting today morning, I just refused. My office boys would need one full night to decorate such a huge tree. Kiss kaam ka hai yeh Christmas tree, koi nahin dekhta hai isko”, said Mohan Kumar, head of admin department.

Mohan added, “When I requested Maam, let us focus on getting more beer bottles this time as many new interns have joined and these engineers will stay full night at office to dance with them. Last year we had to mix sprite at the end, you cannot imagine what all we had to listen from these engineers. Aap HR team log toh, Uber book kar ke 6 baje nikal jaate ho, sab kuch humain bear karna padta hai”.  

Few angry employees informed their respective managers, they would not do any copy & paste work till they see a definite plan for this year celebration.

“On Diwali after promising so many exciting gifts at the end they gave us a dry fruit packet. I have not cancelled my Goa trip only for a bottle of foster beer at office. If they have no ‘proper’ plan, customer deliveries would be impacted big time”, said one employee on the condition of anonymity.